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The Platform (2019)
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Today I watched this movie and the only thing I can tell you about this movie is that it is F*CKING GROSS!!. The movie is about a vertical prison of sorts which has some 200 floors. And, across the floors, there is a hole in the center from where a platform descends every day. On that platform is lavish food for the prisoners at every floor.

But, the thing to note here is that as the platform descends from top floor to the bottom (floor# 1 on top to floor# 200 at the bottom), the inmates at the lower floors hardly get to eat anything. The movie shows how one volunteer who had agreed to enter this prison lives through this prison.

Trust me, the things that this movie has shown, I just cannot express how gross and gruesome are they. I mean how does these storywriters get such ideas??

This movie really deserves our expression - #iSayWTF