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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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What is this website (www.iSay.WTF) all about?
This website has been dedicated to YOU. This is a place that has been created for you...for you to express...for you to just mumble and to share information. You will find variety of topics under one umbrella to discuss. But having said that, we strictly discourage any sort of misleading information, rumours, web-shaming, and all sorts of negatives.

How can I contribute?
Your contribution is your participation. Just be yourself and a helping someone get some information (genuine and validated) making someone laugh. The board is open and limited by your lengths of your creativity.

Do you collect any personal information?
We are strictly NOT in favour of collecting any sort of personal information. And, we also take it STRICTLY if someone tries to gather anyone's personal information. This website is a Discussion Board and encourages all sorts of healthy discussions and does not require any personal information. But, we do require your Email ID and that is for registration. This will also be used to contact you in relation to your account.

Is it alright if I bully someone?
That is ABSOLUTELY NOT accepted on this website. We respect everyone and expect everyone to respect others. We DO NOT encourage or accept any sort of online bullying by anyone.

I am being bullied / feel harassed by someone on this website. How do I report?
If you feel that you are being bullied or harassed by another user, do bring it our notice by sending a DM to the admins / moderators with the other person's user id. We will collect the evidence and take necessary actions. Also, if there is any content on this website which you feel should not be on this website, please 'report' that content. You have this 'Report' button available against all posts by users.
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